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Technical complement

Our techniques

Orthodontic treatments can be accompanied by other techniques to accelerate, facilitate or improve treatments. Other specialties are often needed to complement orthodontics.
These are maxillofacial surgery, speech therapy, maxillofacial physiotherapy.


The diode laser makes it possible to perform simple, painless procedures that are easier to heal, in addition to orthodontic treatments, to improve the quality of life of patients.


Very useful to extend the power of orthodontic treatment and to push the limits, these small devices are to be included in the treatment plan if necessary.

Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery or jaw surgery may sometimes be necessary in some maxillofacial dysmorphosis.

It aims to restore a skeletal balance in the 3 dimensions of space to obtain :

A stable functional occlusion.

A harmonious and aesthetic balance of the face.

Respect for the periodontium and temporomandibular joints.

Speech therapy and physical therapy

As a full-fledged complement to the success of treatments for which the behavior of the tongue, cheeks and lips are not adequate, these two specialties are a valuable aid.

Dental monitoring

The DENTAL MONITORING solution makes it possible to supervise the progress of an orthodontic treatment remotely, using a personalized application, a Scan Box and spacers.

A scan box and retractors are at your disposal, as a deposit we ask for a check of 50 euros, which will be returned at the end of your treatment.

To set up this monitoring, you need to install the Dental Monitoring application on your smartphone, you will be guided and you will also understand the modalities of the system.

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