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Dental monitoring

Technical complement

The DENTAL MONITORING solution makes it possible to supervise the progress of an orthodontic treatment remotely, using a personalized application, a Scan Box and spacers.

A scan box and retractors are at your disposal, as a deposit we ask for a check of 50 euros, which will be returned at the end of your treatment.

To set up this monitoring, you need to install the Dental Monitoring application on your smartphone, you will be guided and you will also understand the modalities of the system.

Thanks to this application, of which you will have accepted the notifications, you will know when to scan your teeth and we will have, on our platform, this scan, which will allow Doctor Medio to evaluate if you have worn your aligners properly, if all the cleats are in place and the oral hygiene is correct.

You can find an instructional video via this YouTubevideo link:

Here are the different steps to follow for your scan:

Stand in front of a mirror.

Open your Dental Monitoring application, it will guide you.

Press ``take a scan``, follow the instructions carefully.

Remove your aligners.

Place your phone in the Scan Box and close the lid, make sure to adjust the drop to the level of the camera of your phone.

Thread the spreader and connect it to the Scan Box, bow down, then insert one side then the other. You will hear a click when your box is properly attached to the spreader.

During the scan, audio instructions will show you what to do.

Here we go! Touch the screen twice to start the scan.

For this step, close your mouth and clench your teeth.

Start the movement when you hear the first sound from the camera, move the Scan Box to the side. Now move the Scan Box to the other side.

Be sure to move the Scan Box at the same rate as the progress indicator.

Scan all the way to the end to make sure your back teeth are perfectly visible. You can also turn your head slightly in the opposite direction to help you.

Go back to the center.

If necessary, the restart step button allows you to restart the current step.

For the next step, half-open your mouth and scan from one side to the other. A good opening corresponds to the thickness of your tongue.

For the next step, open your mouth wide and scan up and down: Open your mouth as wide as possible and tilt the Scan Box upward. You can also tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction to help you.

Now tilt the Scan Box down, back to the middle.

Insert your aligners, half-open your mouth and spread your teeth slightly.

To remove the Scan Box, hold the spreader in place with your thumbs, pull the box forward, then remove the spreader.

Now it's your turn to play with your first scan!

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