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Palatine Plate

Removable dental appliance

1. This will be inconvenient for 2/3 days for 3 things:

1. The saliva, you will have difficulty swallowing, you must put your tongue on the palate.

2. You'll have a lisp, so to get used to it, you need to talk a lot, you can read a book out loud in your room for example.

If you wish we can make a note for the school to avoid participating in the oral for 2/3 days.

2. 3 Golden rules :

Do not remove the dental appliance at school: otherwise it can break, get dirty, get lost, so it will be necessary to make a new device, we lose time in the treatment and this will cause additional costs for your parents.

Do not play with it, remove it constantly with your fingers, tongue...otherwise the hooks will loosen and the device will fall off. Let your dental appliance work quietly.

Clean teeth, gums and dental appliance 3x/day

3. Hygiene :

You have to remove your dental appliance with the hooks behind, to brush your teeth.

Brush after the 3 main meals: teeth, gums and dental appliance 3 times a day.

in the morning (after your breakfast)

at noon (after your meal, if you go to the canteen you wait until you get home, after the snack) even if it is just before dinner

in the evening (before bedtime): the gums must be brushed 3x/day.

children's teeth
children's teeth

For a minimum of 2 minutes:

Have a reference point in time: an hourglass, the time of a song.

It must be well done, (if you only brush on the right side, you will have cavities on the left), you must be organized:

Teeth from the top (outside, inside, from pink to white = from the gum to the teeth by turning your wrist as if you were riding a motorcycle) to the top straight to the last teeth. Insist on the palate, it tickles! Otherwise the gum will redden, swell, bleed and be painful, you will have to stop the treatment!

The lower teeth (outside, inside, pink to white from the gum to the teeth to the last teeth and above.

Then you take back your dental appliance, by catching by the back hooks (not with the front wire), you brush both sides on the resin with the same toothbrush and toothpaste (a few seconds), delicately without rubbing at the level of the hooks not to deform them..
If dirt is trapped in the dental screw jack, do not go under it with a pen or a needle it will go away at the next brushing.

Rinse it well under water and put the appliance back on (if there is a band: put the wire in front of your teeth and push it in with your thumbs).

If the gum is bleeding, keep brushing well because it means that the bacteria are leaving. This will stop after 2/3 days.

4. Don’t eat sticky things and cut hard things:

Chewing gum, malabar, caramel

Apple, sandwich

5. Emergencies :

If the dental appliance pinches the gum during insertion, hurts or is broken, call the office or send us an e-mail to make an appointment


6. Day of installation:

A small dental hygiene kit will be offered free of charge and a prescription will be given for mouthwash. The mouthwash should be done once a week.

You can visit our website www.orthodontie-bordeaux.com/en/ for more information.

We will see you 1 month after the installation of the dental appliance to verify that you are well accustomed to it.

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