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Fixed dental appliance

The Quad-helix is a fixed dental appliance, which the child does not remove to eat.
It is bonded to the maxillary molars with a ring that encircles the tooth. Side arms and a bar in an arc of circle passing at the level of the palate makes it possible to widen the too narrow palate.

What are the goals?

The objective of the Quad-helix is to enlarge the maxilla (the upper jaw) to allow all teeth to develop properly.
It allows to restore a harmonious growth of the jawbone, thus allowing its optimal interlocking with the lower jaw.
The upper teeth should normally encircle the lower teeth; if this is not the case, this dental appliance is there to push the teeth to the side and restore a correct bite.

orthodontist Bordeaux
orthodontist Bordeaux

The installation of the dental appliance and the days that follow

The installation of the dental appliance lasts about twenty minutes in the chair, the doctor glues the braces on the molars
and adjusts the dental applicance
The first activation is light and initiates the movement of the teeth.
Pains can appear the first days, they are of two types:
Dental : the dental appliance presses on the teeth, they will start to move and therefore be sensitive.
Mouth ulcers, due to the friction of the device against the cheeks and the tongue.
At each session, the dental appliance will be reactivated, and the pain may therefore reappear for 2 or 3 days.

The force exerted by the dental appliance must be low and constant, which allows the palate to widen smoothly. The patient does not have to do anything, only the orthodontist can modify the dental appliance during appointments.

The appliance will remain in the mouth for 6 to 12 months. The duration of activation is about 6 months, but once the results are obtained, the dental appliance must be left in place, it acts as a restraint to maintain the situation obtained and avoid recurrence.


It is important to follow the recommendations to avoid any inconvenience and the need to schedule an emergency

AVOID eating foods that are TOO HARD and TOO STICKY

– Toffees
– Chewing-Gum
– Nougat/nougatine
– Hard or sticky candy

DO NOT BITE the fruit on the front teeth.

Cut the fruit into pieces and eat on the back teeth.

AVOID putting pens in your mouth and biting your nails.

Hygiene and care

If hygiene is not controlled, the gum will swell and cover the dental appliance. It should then be removed and
allow time for the gums to heal.

It is important to brush the appliance as well: the braces that are glued to the teeth,
as well as the parts that fit the palate because food can get stuck.

Dental hygiene is essential: Teeth should be brushed 3 times a day for 3 minutes
after each meals


By following the precautions listed above, the risk of an emergency can be reduced. However, it can happen:

pain in the teeth after activation: take paracetamol

a side arm injury on the tongue or gum: place orthodontic wax on the injured part
of the dental appliance and hyalugel on the irritated mucosa.

a trace of the appliance on the tongue: this is normal since the tongue is normally placed against
the palate, do not panic, everything will return to normal once the dental appliance is removed

a detachment of the Quad-helix: the rings of the bottom become detached: inform us by e-mail:
( info@orthodontie-bordeaux.com ) or by phone : 05 56 11 18 88 we will give you an emergency appointment.

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