Orthodontic practice in Bordeaux

Our Vision

Orthodontic clinic Tivoli Mandron in Bordeaux

Our dental office is turned towards the future in a high tech world, to ensure both the quality of care with the most modern techniques but also the technologies of tomorrow in an eco responsible environment both for your well-being but also the preservation of the planet for our children.

Our chart

The treatment plan will be based on finding the optimum for each patient, from a functional and aesthetic point of view, rather than on obtaining “standard” values.

Goals for dentition, skeletal architecture, and soft tissue are visualized using growth predictions in children. Indeed, the integration of the phenomena of growth and skeletal and dental maturation makes it possible to treat certain anomalies at an early stage and to release the growth potential.

Awareness, motivation and education of the patient are part of the first step of all treatments.

A physiotherapist : Mr. Thierry GOUZLAND is present at the dental office every Thursday to ensure cranio-facial rehabilitation and restore functional balance.

The design and choice of devices is determined by the individualized treatment plan.

The forces used are light and continuous, parasitic movements and friction forces are limited.

Also, your practitioner is committed to apply, for children and teenagers, this high-tech bio-progressive method with the DAMON system and behind the teeth therefore invisible for adults with the WIN system.
The clear aligner technique (aligners) known as INVISALIGN is accessible to both teenagers and adults, ensuring well-being and discretion.

Our strengths

Permanent training of all those who work in the dental office to ensure the best skills.

Certified in the American responsible approach “eco dentistry” for your well-being and the life of the planet.

Care and support for patients during their orthodontic treatment.

Safety assured to people.

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