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Orthodontic clinic Tivoli Mandron in Bordeaux

Orthodontists look to the future

Sept. 2019
Dental Information is 100 years old this year!
For a century, it has accompanied and still accompanies, every week, generations of dentists in their professional practice ….

23/09/2019 :

The Southwestern Orthodontic Society (SOSO) is organizing a one-day training session on the global digital workflow in orthodontic offices.

Ortho-paro cooperation
Periodontal Tissue Management in Orthodontic Therapy, Id number 16/17


The contribution of CFAO in the realization of bonded orthodontic restorations cad/cam retainers

Published February 2017 O.D.F. magazine

The contribution of CFAO in the realization of bonded restorations – Dr Marie Medio

Dr Marie MEDIO participate in the days of odontological sciences 15-16 June 2017 in Bordeaux.

Memotain : cad/cam nickel-titane lingual retainer – Dr Kravitz

April 2017 publication American Journal of orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

Symptomatic approach to ventilatory deficit

Article Dr Frank POURRAT – Published Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004 Bioprogressive Orthodontics

Is the orthodontist a hummingbird?

Publication SBR – april 2017

Book laser & clinical orthodontics – Dr Frank Pourrat

I am still passionate about subjects related to orthodontics such as periodontics, occlusodontics, prosthetics. Multidisciplinarity is necessary for the proper execution of orthodontic treatments. Today, the diode laser is taking its place in orthodontic treatments. Not only does it beautify smiles, it is also a provider of accelerated orthodontic movements. In this […]

Orthochiral treatment of a class i ddm – Dr Marie Medio

Clinical case presented by Dr. Marie MEDIO at the Grand Prix in Orthodontics at the 19th Orthodontic Day 2016. The 2nd prize was awarded to him. Published on “The Orthodontist” January-February 2017.

Laser and clinical orthodontics – Paris School of Orthodontics May 04, 2016

Frank POURRAT shares with us the use of diode lasers. His clinical experience ranges from essential mucosal preparations for teeth in the process of evolution before any bonding of brackets, to mucosal debridement, to the placement of minivis, to the reduction of pain and the acceleration of orthodontic movements through biomodulation.

Orthodontic and periodontal mutualization in chronic periodontitis

When a multidisciplinary treatment is undertaken, fluid communication between practitioners, involving the patient, is a key to the success of this type of management.

Recidivism and dental restraint

Recurrence in orthodontics is the more or less important reappearance of malocclusion and dental malpositions. This is always a difficult situation to accept for both the patient and the practitioner. Despite advances in our knowledge, recurrence is still the most difficult problem to solve in orthodontics. The restraint, which […]

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