Orthodontic practice in Bordeaux

Our eco-friendly approach

Orthodontic clinic Tivoli Mandron in Bordeaux

The dental office is an exclusively paperless (patient file and digital signature) and high-tech (digital prints, photos and X-rays) dental office. Tivoli Mandron is one of the few orthodontic dental offices in Europe to be certified “eco Dentistry Gold”. This approach makes it possible to validate all the actions implemented in the dental office with a view to offering an environmentally, socially and economically friendly service

Medical office approved according to the current regulations ERP category V

Sheltered bike park

Proximity to bus stops (number 9, number 15)

Dental office near services (doctor, pharmacy, clinic, physiotherapist, speech therapist, school, gym)

Solar protection on glass surfaces

Team members have a personalized mug

Computerized medical file

E-mail for appointments

E-mail for correspondents

Secure electronic signature

Purchase of recycled paper envelope etc...

Double-sided printing

Waste sorting: glass, household, paper and cardboard

Ask the patient if they really want the document printed

Reusable package for laboratories

Steam sterilization process

Cardboard cup

Encouraging staff to bring their meals in reusable containers.

Use of our website as a means of communication

Contract for the disposal of health care waste

Digital X-rays

Biodegradable disinfectants

Ink for containerless printers

Air conditioning refrigerants to standards

Non-toxic solutions for the disinfection of instrumentation

Acquisition of Scialytic with LED lamps

Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms

Low voltage bulb

Adjust air conditioning thermostats according to the season

Use of air conditioning only during hot weather

Acquisition of an eco-friendly surgical aspiration technologist

Performing a hand wash with active oxygen foam

Toilet with flush saver

Sink with water saver

Use of eco materials such as LASER

Use of BPA-free orthodontic adhesives

Use of digital tools in diagnostic assistance (virtual set up)

Use of video for hygiene education.

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