Orthodontic practice in Bordeaux

Le P.U.L

Propulseur Universal Light

What is it used for?

Correction of jaw misalignment: your upper and lower jaws do not grow equally, the appliance will help the lower jaw to grow.

Chin: if you find that your chin is too far back, the device will make it grow forward.

Decrease the projection of the incisors : if you find that your upper teeth are too far forward, the band that passes in front of the incisors will allow you to lower it.

Shortening of the orthodontic treatment started in adolescence: if the jaw misalignment is corrected with this dental appliance, the orthodontic treatment will have a shorter elastic phase.

Wearing the dental appliance

Wearing time is ideally 14 hours per day so :

Every nights

At home ( at home and on weekends)

If you feel able to bring it to school, you can, but be careful to put it away in its box at lunch and recess.

The more the dental appliance is worn, the more the effects will be seen and stabilized.

ult dental orthodontic

Grievances occur mainly at the beginning of treatment:

Difficulty in speaking

Difficulty swallowing saliva.

Gingival injuries due to the friction of the dental appliance

When you remove your device, never put it in a tissue or paper towel, to avoid the risk of it ending up in the trash.

We’ll give you a box to put it in

When the dental appliance is not in the mouth, it is cleaned, dried and in the box.


It is important to keep the dental appliance clean : you need a toothbrush dedicated to cleaning the dental appliance.

You can brush it with Marseille soap or toothpaste.

Once a month, you can soak it with effervescent tablets (or white vinegar) and rinse it well.

It is important that the dental appliance is CLEAN and DRY before storing it in the box.


It is a fragile dental appliance:

Do not eat with

Do not play with it, especially by rotating the metal rods

Beware of pets

Be careful not to step or sit on it

remove the dental appliance and put it in the box when you work out.

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